...to the home of the Bothwell International Highland SpinIN & Fibre Festival (BIHSIFF). The biennial SpinIN is a celebration of creativity, experimentation and friendship, centered around wool and other natural fibres. Bothwell is a historic town located in the Southern Highlands of Tasmania with a rich agricultural past; renowned for the fine fleece grown in the area.  We invite you to explore these pages to learn about and become part of a quite unique experience!

We are currently updating this website to bring you the story of the festival as it was and planning for 2021. Some information may no longer be current. 


The winning entry of the 2019 SpinIN Fashion Design Competition created by Tasmania’s own Carol-anne Morrison. Congratulations!

The garment was entered in the ‘Loop the Loop’ section for non-woven materials and incorporates felting and knitting in its structure. The bold colours, textures and its sheer size create a striking presence.

It was a tough decision for the judges to select the winners from 22 entries. The theme set two years earlier has matured and reflects the land and the hands that make things.

Model: Sarah Birtwistle | Location: St. Michael’s Bothwell | Photo: Stephen French




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