Textile & Fibre Design Showcase


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Textiles represent so much more than just fashion or wearable art, so to highlight fibre creations that are of an ornamental or practical nature, we are putting on the 'Textile & Fibre Design Showcase.

Items that might be entered into this display include wall hangings, felt sculptures, fibre jewellery, greeting cards and other stationery products, soft toys & furnishings and embroideries. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we are looking forward to seeing what the community will come up with.

We would like each entry to be accompanied by a short story about the artist, their thinking behind the design and an insight into their creative process. Each entry will be assigned an identifier and a 'People's Choice Award' will go to the design with the most votes.


Textile & Fibre Design Showcase

Entry fee: TBA

Prizes: TBA

Static display of non-garment textile and fibre items such as sculptures, toys wall hangings, tea cosies, hats, mittens or whatever it is your imagination has produced. Items may be made available for sale (conditions apply).

  • Imaginative use of shape, colour, texture and materials
  • Items to be made to a saleable quality standard
  • Designs need not be easily reproducible or suitable for industrial production
  • Predominant natural fibre content

The Fine Print

Terms & Conditions of entry to be added here


Hand Craft Competitions Bothwell International highland Fibre Festival 2019.

Class One Lace Weight knitting hand spun ...article of your choice.Sponsor   The Alpaca Shoppe Deloraine      Prize $50
Class Two Lace Weight Knitting Mill Spun-any article of your choice.
Sponsor     The Alpaca Shoppe Deloraine      Prize $50
Class Three Hand Spun Skein Art yarn, approx100gms
Sponsor Hansen Crafts LLC Prize $50
Class Four Hand Spun Lace Weight from Fleece 18wpi or more-approx 50gms.
Sponsor Hansen Crafts LLC Prize $50
Class Five Hand Spun Skein Medium Weight from fleece 11-17dpi, 8ply/DK-approx 50gms
Sponsor Hansen Crafts LLC Prize $50
Class Six Hand Spun Skein from Hand Dyed commercial top-approx50gms
Sponsor Hansen Crafts LLC Prize $50
Class Seven Hand Spun Skein from natural dye or dyes-please state dye(s)-approx 50gms Sponsor Alpaca Shoppe Deloraine $50
Sponsor   The Alpaca Shoppe Deloraine              Prize $50
Class Eight Weaving Rigid Heddle/Knitters’ Loom-Woven article of your choice.
Sponsor      Northern Weavers HWSDGuild Launceston                                                          Prize $50
Class Nine Weaving on a Shaft Loom-Woven article of your choice.
Sponsor   Nothern Weavers HWSDGuild Launceston                                                               Prize $50
Class Ten   Felted 40th Birthday Hat-Adult Entry
Sponsor        BIHSIFF                                                           
Class Eleven Felted Birthday theme badge or decoration-Child Entry
Sponsor              tbc                                                      Prize

Mary Simons Competition  “A handcrafted Colourful Vest”
Sponsor HWSD Guild South Hobart Branch
Prize Mary Simons Perpetual Trophy.

The Highland Challenge
Sponsor HWSD Guild Tasmania     Prize HWSD Guild Trophy and Board and individual engraved plaques. Co0rdinator Sara Nye.
The SpinIN Novelty Competition   A knitted “Bothwell Themed Tea Cosy”
Sponsor Bothwell SpinIN Committee   Prize tbc
Guess the Stitches Competition.
This competition will challenge your knowledge of stitch craft. Start your knitting stitches study now in preparation. The competition will be fierce.
Sponsor BIHSIFF Committee   Prize A beautiful hand knitted throw rug incorporating the competition stitches.