Fashion Design Competition 2019 Section 1: 'Tartan it up'


Fashion Design Competition 2019 Section 1: 'Tartan it up'


Design Brief Section 1: 'Tartan it up'

Couture design

The challenge is to incorporate the colours, shapes and/or texture of the Tasmanian Tartan into an outfit in a modern way. Garments need not necessarily incorporate any of the original Tasmanian Tartan, but must contain references to it somehow. A sample of the original Tasmanian Tartan fabric will be provided for colour matching. Yardage can be ordered from BIHSIFF, if required.

  • Imaginative use of shape, colour, texture and materials

  • Whimsical creations with a wearable art feel

  • Innovation in pattern cutting and garment construction

  • Garments to be made to a saleable quality standard

  • Designs need not be easily reproducible or suitable for industrial production

  • Predominant natural fibre content

  • Each entry must comprise one complete outfit, including accessories, if any


It has come to our attention, that yardage of the Tasmanian Tartan is unobtainable.

For this reason, it has been decided to change the requirements of the Fashion Design Competition "Tartan it up" section to allow any plaid or tartan fabric to be used.

There will be no penalties for doing so and our judges will be made aware of this, of course.

This all is rather disappointing for everyone and Committee wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

SpinIN 2019 Fashion Design Competition Terms & Conditions


  1. All competition Sections are open to all entrants.

  2. All entries must be original designs authored by the entrant. Bothwell International Highland SpinIN and Fibre Festival Committee (BIHSIFF) reserves the right to request of the entrant documentation to verify the creative process.

  3. All entries must be new designs that have not been commercially advertised or offered for sale prior to the event. This condition excludes social media posts documenting and demonstrating  the creative process, which are permitted  prior to the event

  4. BIHSIFF endeavours to take all reasonable care of items in our possession. The items will be tried on models several times before being presented in the parade. Delicate items must be packaged appropriately and labelled 'FRAGILE'.

  5. The parade will be held in a place of worship. BIHSIFF requests that modesty be preserved and that entrants keep this in mind when designing. Entries deemed inappropriate for the venue may be excluded from the parade and will be put on static display instead.

  6. Specific conditions, detailed in the Design Brief, apply to each Section.

 How to enter:

  1. A separate entry form is required to be filled in for each entry.

  2. Entries must be registered and fees paid for on our website register.

  3. Registration of entries will open at 09:00h on Monday April 09, 2018 and close at 17:00h on Friday February 08, 2019.

  4. Entries that are not to be delivered in person (see 6. below)  must be delivered by post or courier to:

    Bothell SpinIN Fashion Design Competition
    c/o Heather Allcock
    7 Queen Street
    BOTHWELL Tas 7030

    between: 09:00h on Monday February 05, 2019 and 17:00h on Friday February 08, 2019. It is the entrant's responsibility to schedule delivery to occur during specified times

  5. BIHSIFF cannot be held reponsible for loss or damage in transit and recommends the items be insured against such an event.

  6. Personal deliveries can be made between 09:00 and 11:00 on Friday, 01 March 2019 at:

    The Vestry of St Michael's Church
    Market Place
    Bothwell Tas 7030

  7. Each entry and all pieces included in the outfit must be permanently labelled with the entrant's name and have a completed 'Entry Detail' form attached.

  8. Entries will be returned after the event either by collection in person from The Vestry of  St Michael's Church between 16:00h and 17:00h on Saturday 02 March, 2019, or by post at the entrant's expense. BIHSIFF requests that return postage be included with your consignment.

  9. Abandoned or unwanted entries will be disposed of at our discretion.

  10. BIHSIFF will arrange for professional photography of all entries and a digital copy of these photos will be made available to the entrant. BIHSIFF reserves the right to use photos and videos of entries at any time now or in the future.

 Models and sizing of garments

  1. BIHSIFF will provide models for the parade. Garments need to be made to fit the following measurements:

    Bust 88-93cm
    Waist 71-76cm
    Hips 96-101cm

    Chest 96-101cm
    Waist 88-93cm
    Neck 39-41cm
    Seat 97-102cm
    Inseam 84-87cm

  2. Entrants may provide their own models, who must be available for both a dress rehearsal and the parade on Saturday March 02, 2019.

Judging and awarding of prizes:

  1. All entries will be judged against other entries in the same Section by a panel of three judges drawn from the textile and clothing industry.

  2. All entries must satisfy the design brief as specified for each Section (see below).

  3. Prizes will be awarded for 'Best Design' in each Section

  4. Certificates of  'Encouragement' will be awarded to the runner-up in each Section.

  5. Certificates of  'Participation' will be awarded to all entries.

  6. The judges' decision is final; no correspondence will be entered into.

You will receive a copy of the Terms & Conditions with your registration.

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