SpinIN 2019


Date & Time: 01 & 02 March 2019 10am-4pm

Venue: Market Place, Bothwell, Tasmania

Theme: "Life begins at 40"

2019 will mark the 40th birthday of the SpinIN festival and we shall be celebrating the occasion with a host of activities, special events, competitions and a surprise or three!

The theme will be "Life begins at 40" - the perfect opportunity to reflect on the skills and experiences we have gained over the years  and the creative community we have become.

The Committee has negotiated with Southern Highlands Council to stage the event in the beautiful Bothwell town centre. We will be inhabiting the park adjacent to Market Place, the Town Hall as well as St Luke's and St Michael's churches. The historic buildings and majestic trees will provide a stunning backdrop for the occasion.

Numerous traders will be offering workshops, demonstrations and wares to buy; selected food and drinks vendors will keep you victualed. On top of all that, there will be fun activities, to create a true village fair atmosphere.

Working furiously to bring this event together, the Committee invite you to be part of it all by participating in one or several of the activities listed below. Please click on the bold titles below for more information.

The Longest Thread Competition: In this long-running contest, the aim is to spin and ply 10 grams of wool as fine and long as possible to be the winner.

The Highland Challenge: This fiercely contested and exciting match of speed and skill will see teams of four comb and spin fleece into yarn and knit it to a never-before seen pattern. It's a race against the clock, with penalties for lack of quality or faulty stitching.

Fibre Craft Competition & Mary Simons Memorial Trophy: Many categories to choose from... details to follow.

Fashion Design Competition: Set your imagination free and create wearable pieces to be shown on the catwalk. Categories for student works, commercial designers/artists as well as home sewing whizzes will be judged by a panel of industry experts. Winning designs will each be rewarded with prizes.

Textile & Fibre Design Showcase: Anything from clever utility to beautiful ornament to bold artistic statement, enter your fibre creations in this display of creativity to be on show throughout the SpinIN 2019.

What you present is entirely up to you, keeping in mind that the item should comprise natural fibres and materials and make some reference to Tasmania.

The showcase is open to anyone wishing to present their work to the public and share a little bit about themselves and their creative process. The people's vote will determine clear favourites and, in deed, a winner!

Show & Tell: Share your skills and knowledge with visitors and fellow fibre enthusiasts in a casual environment.

40th Birthday Hat: Just for fun, create a crazy, over the top hat and wear it to the event!



Special Guests

Committee has extended invitations to a number of special guests to attend SpinIN 2019. We are pleased to have received positive responses from the Governor of Tasmania, who will be opening the festival.

We shall be welcoming back Rita Summers of Gone Rustic Studio & Gallery at St Marys to judge the fashion design competition.

Joining her in theat capacity will be our international guest, Professor Julian Roberts from the UK. Julian will be presenting a series of talks during the festival. More information on this can be found here.